Welcome to the movement

…Because we believe not only in that warm and happy feeling that comes from showing kindness, but also in the values that drive all the good things in the world. Motivated by hope, truth, justice, peace – we are driven above all by love, which inspires and fuels all of these. This is why each unique handcrafted item of jewellery has a special name, and special meaning.

We do not believe in the shallow world of ‘normal’ accessories, beauty products or cosmetics – there are no objectifying false promises made here, nothing to imply that ‘you need this product in order to be attractive’. This is the opposite. This jewellery is for those who care about deep inner hopes and dreams being made visible in the world. This is for those who believe in truth, light, life, justice, equality, hope. This is for global citizens, who choose to love rather than hate, to live in peace rather than bitterness, who dare to show their true colours and transformative values rather than letting society dictate by its cruel rules. This jewellery is for those who believe in LIFE.

As you browse for something special for yourself or a gift for a loved one, remember what each piece symbolises – and know that you are promoting a value-driven world of hope and peace and justice, driven by love.

What’s more, from each item of jewellery purchased £1 will be donated to World Vision – a charity working with some of the poorest people in the world. (And if you buy 5+ items you can specify any charity of your choice for the £5+ to go to!) …So, as you buy gifts for yourself or your family or friends you are also blessing those in greatest need across the globe – a double kindness!

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