You’re here because you not only have fabulous taste in jewellery but also because you’re a global citizen, one who cares about the way we live and the way we spend our money, one who values the beauty within over the damaging labels and addictions that society so widely promotes. You’re here because you care. And that’s what matters. That’s what makes you truly beautiful, inside and out. May your true colours always shine through, and may our words and actions always be motivated by truth, peace, justice and – above all – love. 

Jewellery of Love is the Jewellery branch of Kat Gibson Art. These original, affordable, unique pieces are handcrafted in Gloucester by Kat Gibson, and £1 from the sale of every item goes to World Vision – so in buying this jewellery you really are doing something wonderful for the poorest of the poor across the globe. You’re amazing!

This jewellery is made from ‘Friendly Plastic’ – an eco-friendly biodegradable plastic (Polycaprolactone) with a shiny metal topping which is melted in the oven and moulded while molten. The pieces are bright, colourful, very shiny and eye-catching – they certainly turn heads! It is a frustrating material to work with, but can produce really lovely results. I hope you like it!