Contentment is not quite the same thing as happiness or pleasure. Contentment, I believe, is the mental attitude, the choice, of being pleasant and uncomplaining even in the midst of horrible circumstances. These earrings represent that contentment. The black at the top depicts life’s trials and difficulties, and the bright colourful part overwhelms that darkness by the very real choice to not be downcast nor to drag others down. What a privilege it is to know someone who makes this choice in life – to be content.

Contentment £16.jpg

Just £16 including P&P – Buy Now

All items of jewellery are entirely unique, just like each one of us – no two designs are the same. Do get in touch if you would like a particular design or a particular colour!

All earring hooks are hypoallergenic (no allergic reactions) – it’s good to care of our skin.

£1 from the sale of these earrings will be donated to World Vision, a charity working to benefit some of the poorest people in the world. Thanks for showing that you care! 🙂

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